A very good day for our club with several good placings. Well done to all who got involved. Everyone is very supportive of each other in each other's races. It is fantastic to see.
Cheers, Daniel Foucar

WE2X- Hayley Cannon, Jessamie Godsell- 4th
WE2X- Caitlyn Gibson, Amber Hamilton- 2nd
MD1X- Huntz Theime- 5th
MD1X- Lee Blackwell- 2nd
MD1X- Alex Skinner- 5th
MD2X- Daniel Real, Huntz Theime- 4th
WE4X- Hayley Cannon, Jessamie Godsell, Caitlyn Gibson, Amber Hamilton, Cox-Daniel Foucar- 4th
WE4X- Pamela Pearson, Sandra Ceriani, Pam Badani, Anne Hamilton, Cox- Genny Black- 6th
MC1X heat- Daniel Foucar- 1st
ME2X- Daniel Real, Alex Skinner- 3rd
WD1X- Jessamie Godsell- 8th
WD1X- Hayley Cannon- 3rd
WSJ1X- Amber Hamilton- 2nd
ME4- Daniel Foucar, Huntz Theime, Lee Blackwell, Alex Skinner, Cox- GerryWinter- 3rd
MC1X Final- Daniel Foucar- 3rd

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