Champion Lakes Boating Club Inc Code of Conduct

Whilst performing their duties as members, CLBC members will, as well as adhere to the Constitution of CLBC, do the following

1.     Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants and officials regardless of their ability, gender or cultural background. Abusive or violent conduct of any nature towards any CLBC members, officials, volunteers, participants and spectators will not be tolerated.

2.     Be aware of, and abide by, CLBC Constitution, rules, regulations and policies.

3.     Operate within the rules of the sports including National and International guidelines which govern State Sporting Associations.

4.     Will not use your own involvement with CLBC, a member association or affiliated club, to promote your own beliefs or practices where they are inconsistent with those of CLBC

5.     Will not make statements individually in public or the media regarding the actions and decisions of CLBC

6.     Behave in a sportsperson like manner both on the water and off the water and will not do anything that may cause embarrassment or adverse publicity for CLBC

7.     Demonstrate a high degree of individual responsibility especially when dealing with persons under 18 years of age as our words and actions are an example to juniors

8.     Avoid unaccompanied and unobserved activities with persons under 18 years of age, wherever possible

9.     Not use, attempt to use, have in his or her possession, attempt to have in his or her possession, traffic or attempt to traffic any illegal drug or substance

10.   Understand the repercussions if you breach, or are aware of any breaches, of this code